It doesn’t have to be a place.
Home holds us
where my eyes hold the face
of you,
and yours, mine,

where light and color and space
wrap us in a fleeting forever. 

Ever changing in color
but still and familiar
in its warmth
like the honeyed sun
that tucks these hours
into a sweet supple light
where time does not scatter
but simply blankets us
as we fold our bodies into a bed of one 
and lay our hearts
here on the soft pillows of memory.

It doesn’t have to be one day.
Our vows speak our love over and over
where my mouth speaks the name
of you,
and yours, mine,
without words but scarlet sparks
that crackle on our tongue
where the fire burns the golden hours
low and slow
here over the horizon
as it kisses the shore,
speaking its name in a vow
to always return


Here, can be where your love lives on

Here, is where I capture your story. 

Midwest Photographer that lives for love

Raw form romantic artistry

What are you like when nobody is watching? 
What whispers escape when the lights are off?
What do the walls see when no one else is home, but you and your love?

Because it is real. And dammit, you should show the world.

Stolen kisses, connecting fingertips, laughing at all the petty little things, and then those deep stares that are only meant for you… those are the things that go unnoticed by the rest of the world, lost in only your memories, and live forever in your heart.

But those are the moments and emotions that you really want to see when you look at your photos, don’t you? You’ve been looking for that romance, that movie feelin’ moment and it’s real when it’s just you two - not those cookie-cutter posed photos or fake smiles. 

Hi, I’m Caroline

If you would have told me I’d become a business owner, photographing the whole spectrum of love as a full time job and traveling the country, I wouldn’t have ever believed you. 

Yet after all this time, I am here because of you. 
HERE, is where I capture your story. 

The fire behind the lens

Based in Indianapolis, IN, and beyond.

Chaser of golden light, lover of vintage  treasures, and overflowing love for lovers.

Capturing connection since 2011.

To tell the stories that speak to my soul. 

Photography packages for burnin’ in love couples.

The key is you and your love - I’m just the driver, baby. Take me where you want to go, and let’s show the world your love. 



"If Caroline doesn't take your photos WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

“Once upon a time Caroline was just my photographer, now I consider her friend. She's patient, kind, funny, you name it. I recommend her to literally everyone that asks about our photos. 100/10 highly recommended. If you're here looking for a sign to go with Caroline, HI, HERE IT IS!”

- Sarah


“You can be yourself in any shoot and she will still direct you in her way to make it work. I would recommend her for ANY type of shoot.”

- Samantha


“I highly ( HIGHLY ) recommend working with Sweet Caroline Photography for all of your photography needs, she's an amazing photographer and person and we cannot wait to work with her again in the future!”

- Aryn


“She absolutely killed it. The way she helped us feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera was amazing. She was very professional and helpful when we asked questions leading up to our session.”

- Shelby

View my art and feel the connection

where my eyes hold the face of you.

My art is all about honey-kissed warmth and sweet fire-burnin’ connections. It’s about capturing and sharing those intimate moments that feel like movie moments, real love in raw form. 

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