Rust & Honey Studio

Welcome to Rust & Honey Studio. We are a vintage inspired space in Fortville, IN  for photographers and clients alike. We strive to create a warm & inviting space that you can't wait to return to.

Starting From $75 per 90 min

What’s included in the rental

“Our vows speak our love over and over
where my mouth speaks the name of you, and yours, mine.”

- Bedding(there are more options in the closet by the bathroom)

- Backdrops(floor length)

- Furniture, decor, table/chairs, mirror, storage cube shelf, office supplies, hangers

- Moveable backdrop walls,

- Lighting equipement, paper backdrop system, kitchen, and bathroom.

- Use of indoor space

- Backdrops/Seamless paper/Moveable backdrop walls

- Props/decor

- Furniture in the rental including [couch, chairs, poufs, disco balls, stools, peacock chair, rugs, bed, etc.]

- Storage cubeshelf / Office supplies

- Bedding

- Bathroom

- Blu tooth speaker

- Kitchen area w/ snack and drinks

 -Lighting Equipement (located in the small coat closet at the top of the stairs)

Rental Items Included:

“Where light and color and space
wrap us in a fleeting forever.”

Studio rates

Studio rates

Studio rates are: 
90 mins weekday: $75
3 hour weekday: $120
2 hour weekend: $100
4 hour weekend: $175
8 hours: $ 340

*Additional fees may apply for items such as full sweep backdrops- see contract for details.*
Add on's: 
Full sweep: $20
Table Setup: $15
Deposits are $40 and are paid through booking link. 
Deposits are non refundable. 
Just select which day you would like, sign the contract and pay the deposit.
 Entrance codes will be sent via message a day prior to your session. 

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Studio space

Studio space