Best Indianapolis Engagement Session Locations

February 15, 2024

Caroline Beatty

Best Indianapolis Engagement Locations

Best Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Session Locations

Indianapolis may not seem like much in the Midwest, but it is a mecha of unique buildings, murals, hole-in-the-wall gems, and amazing skylines. It holds some of the best locations in Indianapolis to have your romantic, one-of-a-kind adventurous engagement session and downtown Indianapolis photography! 

Where are the best locations in Indianapolis to have your engagement session?

Other spots would include unmentioned cute coffee shops, bars, plant shops, food stands, city murals, and just about anywhere on Fountain Square for your romantic downtown Indianapolis Photography

Best Indianapolis Engagement Locations

Where is it legal to have your Engagement Session in Indianapolis?

There is no law against photographing in public, as long as you remain on public streets and do not trespass on private land for downtown Indianapolis photography. Play it safe, ya’ll!

Some of the best locations for photos in Indianapolis don’t even require you to go inside, so be safe, use the sidewalk/street and have fun with it! 


  • Ask permission before you go into any facilities. Reach out beforehand to more upscale businesses, as they generally require a permit. Don’t be afraid to take these crucial steps!
  • Keep your street smarts about you and look both ways at all times! Keep your clients safe!
  • Have an open mind— not everything will look like the best locations in Indianapolis to take photos at first, but can turn into magic with the right eye.


  • Cause a scene. Keep it quick, easy, and stress-free.
  • Don’t take photos that include bystanders’ faces!
  • Don’t disrupt local businesses during business hours if they have customers!
  • Don’t do your session unprepared— look into what you need to obtain the permits required for upscale businesses!
Best Indianapolis Engagement Photo Session Locations

What Makes Downtown Indianapolis Photography So Unique?

Downtown Indianapolis can produce some of the best locations for photos in Indiana! Some locations can be much more than meets the eye and set that adventurous, cinematic tone.

Buildings add texture and interest to your Indianapolis engagement session. In Indianapolis, we have some of the most unique infrastructure around, setting the perfect scene.

The skylines and sunlight, don’t even get me started! There is so much golden light here that shines through the streets, it’s incredible.

Local businesses work hard to keep art and culture alive. There are so many gems in downtown IndianapolisI have no doubt you’ll find something that works for your session!

Indianapolis Engagement Session

For this blog post, I’m sharing Lindsey and Jake’s romantic Indianapolis engagement session as an example for just how magical downtown Indianapolis photography can be, as can be seen!

I adore the vibes of this couple. They allowed me to take the lead for their intimate and playful downtown Indianapolis session and feel straight out of a romance movie.

I am so thankful that this couple trusted me on the streets, and if you’re ever looking for an Indianapolis Engagement Photographer, hit me up!

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