Fun & Funky Wedding Styled Shootout

April 16, 2024
Caroline Beatty
Fun & Funky Wedding Styled Shootout

Anthro-Inspired Luxe Spring Garden Styled Shootout

This post is for all my photographers and videographers out there, featuring a unique, fun & funky styled shootout that I (Sweet Lovers Styled Shoots) put on near Indianapolis, IN!

This styled shootout took place at the Hardy Building in Markleville, IN. 

Fun & Funky Wedding Styled Shootout

What is a Styled Shootout?

A styled shootout is an opportunity for photographers and videographers to come together and capture art that they wouldn’t normally get the chance to in an everyday session or wedding setting!

It’s also a chance for vendors and artists to show off their products or skills, with the idea that their work will reach larger audiences, along with being featured in a controlled environment, usually, by the host!

About My Styled Shootouts 

I started putting together styled shootouts in the fall of 2020!

For my very first one, I wanted to put together something I’d want to shoot along with following the trends… But it gradually began to build into more and more of me just wanting to build a community-driven event. 

The thought of all the vendors just helping each other out and getting able to be seen by all the different photographer’s location areas and clientele and vice versa with the photographer’s work getting used by the vendors and getting potential work from their clients and referrals… Just all the community building and giving back to everyone made me fall in love with it and the idea of styled shootouts. I’ve done 5 different themed styled shootouts now. I took a small break for 2 years but I’m back and ready to go after doing this last one!

Fun & Funky Wedding Styled Shootout

My Styled Shootout Planning Process 

This styled shootout theme was fun and funky,  and it was so much fun to do! For the location, I wanted to partner with a brand new local venue to help get them some promotional work. I worked closely with my friend Miranda of Thoughtfully Designed Co. with questions and opinions to finalize everything. 

For styled shootouts, I buy everything needed with hours of searching for the perfect things, and lots of shopping trips. For this styled shootout in particular, we had a dessert/drink tower area, a ceremony setup with a hanging floral installation, and a unique reception setup with multiple/different sizes, circular tables, and details/flat lay/hanging dress area.

The Styled Shootout Day 

For styled shootouts, I usually have a family member or my own lover be the greeter and check everyone in at the front, and then bring in the models and list off the groups, and then  rotate every 30 minutes. I also put together a group message on IG of all the attendees so that they can all follow each other and get to know each other beforehand. This is also where I send out all the information needed for the event. Parking, reminders, email notices, lists of groups, lists of vendors and their IG handles, and vendor’s emails. 

I like to choose people I know or just everyday normal people as the models as well. It makes it more special for them and I feel like the attendees get to direct the models more and get what they want. They also get tons of photos of themselves for free! Win-win for everyone. 

I provide snacks and drinks at every single one for vendors/models/attendees as well. Most of the time I also get the vendors a little gift just as a thank you for being a part of the event with me. Sometimes I provide a tiny gift for attendees as well if the budget allows! 

Fun & Funky Wedding Styled Shootout

Why YOU Should Come to a Sweet Lovers Styled Shoot

Styled shootouts are a wonderful way to network, and make your dream sessions come to life. It’s a wonderful place to be, filled with wonderful people with amazing talent. 

I hope that you consider attending a Sweet Lovers Styled Shoots shootout one day, and this post inspires you to do so!

Stay Sweet,


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Solo Bride: Christina

Couple 1: Marissa & Mason 

Couple 2: Sydney & Tony


Shootout Vendors

Host: (ME!) Sweet Lovers Styled Shootout 

Venue: The Hardy Building 

Design/Styling & Florals: Thoughtfully Designed Co.

Stationary & Sign: The Lettering Grove 

Cake: Chelsea’s Cakes 

Long Dresses: Dalliance Gown Rentals

Veils: Dalliance Gown Rentals

Ribbons: Honey Silks Co.

Hair: Sculpted Tresses – Kayla Sewell

Makeup: Veil and Vows Bridal

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