Studio Maternity Photoshoot in Fortville, IN

December 27, 2022
Caroline Beatty

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how STUNNING Brooke looks in her studio maternity photoshoot! We had so much fun with these. We decided to capture these gorgeous maternity photos at my studio in Fortville, Indiana and it did not disappoint. Brooke and her partner are naming their little boy Nixon (soooo cute!) and fun fact, he was just born! Come along to see more of what its like to do a session at my studio!

Brooke’s Intimate + Laid Back Studio Maternity Photoshoot

Shooting in a studio can sometimes mean limited space. A way to combat this and to get more bang for your buck is to bring multiple outfit changes! For Brooke’s studio maternity photoshoot, we did 5 different outfit changes. By doing this, it completely changed the vibe of each session! We did one in bra and jeans, one in a white button down and underwear, one in a beige dress and one in a black dress. My favorite one by far was the one we did lingerie and a gorgeous lace robe. These had such a bohemian vibe to them and we added some pampas grass for detail.

When it comes to choosing what you want to wear for your maternity shoot, you need to pick whatever you feel most comfortable in! If you are comfortable with the way you look, then you will absolutely glow in your maternity pictures! A studio maternity photoshoot is about celebrating your growing bump, so choose something that will enhance and show it off!

Are you Ready To Join Me in My Studio?

Let’s get to planning your studio maternity photoshoot! I would LOVE for you to join me at my studio in Fortville, Indiana. If you are ready to get started, head over to my contact page!

Sweet Caroline Photography | Indiana Maternity Photographer

Come see more of Brookes stunning day below!

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