A Dreamy Desert Elopement in Arizona

January 24, 2023
Caroline Beatty
Couple sitting after their elopement in Arizona

This intimate elopement in Sedona, Arizona was absolutely perfect and I loved every minute of photographing Claire and Todd’s special day! I first met Claire at a local brewery we both used to work at. At first, Claire was a regular that came in to get her IPAs, then soon started working there with me! She always told me whenever she got married she’d have met shoot it. She asked me if I was available to go to Sedona and capture her elopement and what days would work for me. I absolutely loved the idea, and we made it happen!

I even got my best friend that lives in Arizona to meet me and come with me! Claire, Todd, and I flew in together and I talked to Claire the whole flight like no time had passed. We had planned mostly everything out, but we needed to scout out a location for the ceremony. They had Claire’s best friend and her husband come to be the witnesses and help out with the florals. Claire is a florist part-time, so it was important for her to have florals incorporated into their elopement! She also wanted to do a little mini shoot “engagement-esqe” in this little nearby shopping area in Sedona called Tlaquepaque.

Couples engagement photos at Tlaquepaque in Sedona Arizona

Claire & Todd’s Intimate Elopement In Arizona

We had the location scouted and we picked out the most PERFECT spot. It had the best pathway like an aisle, and the view was amazing! Claire was adamant about having sunrise, so we planned for what time sunrise would be best. We thought it would be better to have the ceremony in the early morning because during the afternoon it gets pretty busy! 

I went and did Claire’s hair for her, and her best friend did her makeup as they wrote their vows. I shot some details in the pathway and she changed behind a tree and came down the “aisle”. They then recited their vows to each other and had their first kiss. It was truly one of the most intimate and sweetest things I’ve witnessed! 

 They then shared their coffees and took a moment together to enjoy the view and that they had just gotten married. Having coffee together after the ceremony was something we talked about beforehand because it was so special to them and something they do every morning together. She always has hers iced, and he always has his hot. She got a cute mug and glass just for the occasion off Etsy. We then set up a song for them to dance to as their first dance, followed by some shots of the two of them!

Wedding details from Arizona elopement

A Lowkey Breakfast After Their Elopement In Arizona

Afterward, we all went out to breakfast together and it was so fun and wonderful. We parted ways after breakfast because they were all going to go to the Grand Canyon, and then to Tucson for their honeymoon that same day!

 It was way too hot to do anything by that time in Sedona as far as hiking, so my friend and I headed back into our Air BnB and took a nap. Then we decided to head back to Phoenix to her house. It was absolutely the best trip and the best elopement! I loved how intimate and romantic their elopement in Arizona was for them, and I’m SO happy Claire reached out and asked me to be a part of their special day!

Let’s plan your own dreamy and intimate elopement together!

Ready to start planning your own intimate elopement in the desert of Arizona, or wherever your heart is calling you? Let’s do it! I love traveling for adventurous and intimate elopements, and I’m always down to hop on a plane if that’s where your love story wants to go! You can learn more about me here, and if you think we’d vibe, then let’s connect! I can’t wait to hear from you and all about your love story next.

Couple kissing and posing for photos after elopement in Arizona

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Come see more of Claire and Todd’s intimate elopement in Arizona below!

Couples engagement photos at Tlaquepaque in Sedona Arizona
Bride getting ready for elopement
elopement wedding details
bride walking down aisle
Bride and groom photos
bride and groom dancing after elopement in arizona
Bride and groom

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