Adventure Elopement at Artist Point Washington

March 11, 2024

Caroline Beatty

Adventure Elopement Photo Session at Artist Point, Washington

Why You Should Choose an Adventure Elopement for your Big day

Adventure Elopement at Artist Point Washington

Artist Point, Washington Adventure Elopement

As a traveling adventure elopement photographer,  I’m here to tell you why you should choose an adventure elopement session for your big day!

Want to skip the hustle and bustle of the big day and just run away to some beautiful place to tie the knot? There’s nothing more romantic than that, and  I’m the girl to go along with you!

What is an Adventure Elopement?

Close your eyes and think about you and your lover as the only ones left on this beautiful earth. Think about where you’re standing. Think about where that place might be… because you could be there, hand in hand, uniting together. You can make your wedding a grand adventure by doing an adventure elopement session, rather than a play put on for others. An adventure elopement session is about the journey, and who you’re with. It’s about making your most important day about you

Why is an adventure elopement session better than a traditional wedding?

  • It brings the focus solely on you and your loved one
  • It’s a whole experience, not just a day
  • In some cases, it can be cheaper than a traditional wedding
  • It can be as big or as small as you make it

As a traveling elopement photographer, I urge you to think of the MANY reasons why an adventure elopement session would be perfect for you. 

Artist Point Washington

Artist Point, Washington

This adventure elopement session was shot at Artist Point, located within Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Yes, that’s a mouthful! But it is an access to the Mt. Baker Wilderness which offers miles and miles of breathtaking views (including 360 views of Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Baker). This spot was a trailhead near the end of the highway, which is seasonally accessible. 

Please remember that when doing adventure sessions, always check permit information and stay safe (and legal) out there!

Adventure Elopement at Artist Point Washington

The Adventure

I traveled from Indiana to shoot this session, and it was nothing short of breathtaking! 

This couple had a micro-destination wedding at a venue in Bellingham, Washington, then decided to wake up extremely early the following morning after their wedding for their elopement session. 

They dressed at the top of the mountain with headlamp lights, and then we all hiked up the trail in the dark wearing wedding attire for sunrise. I had brought some cool lanterns from home to use during the dusk part of the morning, and I love how these photos turned out.

For this adventure elopement session, we all just free roamed at the top of the mountain, taking as many photos/videos as we could, enjoying the sunrise and the amazing 360 views. 

“Caroline knew how important it was for us to capture our intimate wedding day, but also to have an adventure session in the mountains the next morning and she captured every moment perfectly. We are so lucky to have her be our person to capture our life through her camera lens.”


Adventure Elopement at Artist Point Washington

Why should you choose a traveling photographer?

I know sometimes it might be tempting to do research for photographers in the area you’re traveling to, but why not take your favorite photographer with you? Consider a traveling elopement photographer like me, because most photographers have a bucket list and are likely more than willing to work with you for your adventure elopement session. 

I hope that if you’re considering an adventure elopement session, you’ll find this post helpful, and maybe consider me to tag along with you!

Stay Sweet,


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