Perks of Studio Photography Sessions

June 16, 2024
Caroline Beatty
Studio Photography Session

Rust & Honey Studio, Fortville, IN

Today I’m going to share the perks of studio photography sessions!

Studio photography sessions are like having a blank canvas to tell your love story, your brand’s story, or any other story in your life you want to document. It’s a space which can be curated and styled to paint the portrait you want as a result. 

Having my own photo studio named “Rust & Honey”, located in Fortville, IN, I get to set the scene for the session and curate backdrops, props, and have full control over lighting/posing. 

Studio Photography Session

The perks of a studio photography session

  • Complete control and curation over lighting/posing/props
  • All in all, safety for everyone
  • Essentially effortless 
  • Less distractions for complete focus on your studio photography session
  • A comfortable and quiet environment where we can play music and get in the zone
  • A blank canvas for you to shine
  • Overall more detailed shots and close-ups
  • Indiana weather can be unpredictable, and we don’t have to worry about that!

Why choose a photography studio?

There are so many reasons to choose a photography studio session for your next round of photos. It’s a controlled space, and in my studio, we change it up all the time to fit our client’s needs! 

Whether you’re doing a cozy couples session, a branding session, a family session, there is a scene just for you… I’m a girl who loves to shop, and when it comes to my studio, I go hard. 

Choosing a photography studio session gives you so many options to have the session of your dreams. 

Rust & Honey Studio

Rust & Honey Studio sessions are literally the manifestation of my warm, love lovin’ dreams. As can be seen, It’s my play area where I get to dress client’s up and set the stage for their special studio photography session. It’s a vintage inspired studio, with boho touches. We offer snacks, drinks, and overall an environment you’d want to return to. 

We also rent to other photographers for use! Meaning, if you’re a photographer in the Indianapolis, IN area you can rent this space to play in yourself and even have access to props!

If you’re looking for a studio near Indianapolis, IN, at this time, check us out!

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